March 22, 2023
instagram app keep crashing

Why Does Instagram Keep Crashing – [How To Fix]

Instagram has become the 2nd most prominent social media platform around the world, with billions of active users. Everyone loves Instagram because of its user friendly interface and many excellent features. Many youngsters use Instagram to connect and communicate with their friends. Ordinary people, Creators, Influencers, and Business people use Instagram for different purposes.

But lately, it seems like Instagram keeps crashing more frequently than usual. There are a few practicable reasons for this. One is that Instagram is simply getting more traffic than it can handle. With over a billion active users, it’s not surprising that the app would start to experience more glitches as it tries to keep up with demand.

Another possibility is that some aspects of the app are buggy and need a solution. For example, the recently introduced Reels feature has been known to cause crashing issues for some users. Whatever the reason, it’s frustrating when Instagram keeps crashing.

Does Instagram’s Crashing Affect All Users On Instagram?

Recently, many users are facing Instagram keeps crashing error due to app glitches, technical issues, bugs, and other external factors. It is not a big problem for users who scroll through Instagram daily, but it significantly affects the Creators, Influencers and businesses. This error may result in losing your Instagram account as well as the fame and reputation that you have built so far. It is not a joke to rebuild the reach and impressions on your Instagram account. You need to start from scratch to get impressions, reach, and user engagement for your Instagram account. The clever solution to get away with this problem is to make out how to get more impressions on Instagram to keep up your profile visibility and stay in your audience’ minds as popular as always.

Here,I have stated some fixes to why Instagram keeps crashing errors. 

Instagram Keeps Crashing [Quick fixes]

Instagram keeps crashing because of various problems like application glitches, technical issues, and minor bugs. If your Instagram keeps crashing, follow the below-mentioned steps to get rid of it.

Restart your Device

If your Instagram keeps crashing, you first need to restart your device, which will solve the minor issues in the device and Instagram. Or try to restart the Instagram application by clicking the “Force stop” option.

Clear your mobile storage


Instagram applications will not be able to run if your device memory is full. This is also one of the primary reasons your Instagram keeps crashing. So you need to clear or delete the unwanted data on your device to resolve this problem.

Uninstall and Reinstall the app

If your Instagram keeps crashing even after restarting, consider uninstalling the app and reinstall it after a few minutes. Note that you should remember your username and password while logging in to your account to avoid consequences. An Android user can reinstall the application from the Google play store, and an iPhone user can reinstall the app from the App store. 

Clear the Instagram Cache

The Instagram cache will store all the local data in the cache memory. This is one of the primary reasons why your Instagram keeps crashing. So it would be better if you cleared the Instagram cache memory frequently. Clearing cache will speed up the device and provide an exceptional user experience.

Update the app frequently.

Using an old version of Instagram will make your Instagram keep crashing. So you need to update to the newer version to keep away from this issue. Update the Instagram application periodically to use new features, and protect your Instagram account from glitches and bugs.

The fixes mentioned earlier are considered the primary solution for this problem. Techies recommend these fixes on the Internet.

Why Does Instagram Keep Crashing On Android And Iphone?

Though the iPhone is more secure than the Android, it must overcome this problem. If your Instagram keeps crashing on Android and iPhone, you must follow simple guides to avoid this issue. Both Android and iPhone need to follow the same steps,

  • Restart your mobile
  • Update your device frequently
  • Clear your mobile storage
  • Uninstall and Reinstall the app
  • Clear Instagram cache periodically.

Steps to clear Instagram cache on Android

  1. Go to the “settings” menu on your Android mobile phone
  2. Select the “Manage apps” from the settings menu on the Android mobile phone
  3. Find the “Instagram” app and click the app
  4. Finally, click the “clear cache” option.

Which will clear all the local data stored on Instagram and solve Instagram keeps crashing on Android.

Steps to clear Instagram cache on iPhone

Unfortunately, there is no built-in option to clear the Instagram cache on iPhone. Instead, you need to remove the app from the phone to complete this action.

  1. Open the iPhone’s app library
  2. Select the “Instagram” app in the app’s library
  3. Click the “Remove app” option or click the “-” symbol on your phone.

The Instagram app will get removed from the app’s library, and you can reinstall it to solve the problem of Instagram keeps crashing on iPhones.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why does Instagram keep crashing when I make reels?

It is because if you failed to clear the Instagram cache, do not have enough phone memory for Instagram, or are Not updating the app. These are significant reasons that make Instagram keep crashing when you make reels.

Why does my Instagram keep crashing when I open it? [solved]

As I mentioned, using an old version of the Instagram app and not clearing the Instagram cache memory will make your Instagram keep crashing when you open it. So update the app, and clear the cache memory frequently.

How do I stop Instagram from force closing?

Try to update your operating system and the application frequently to keep away from this problem. Clearing cache memory will make the application run very smoothly without force stop.


“Instagram keeps crashing” has become the most common problem for several users. People on the Internet are searching for a solution to this issue. And this article is all about that. You can find some of the fixes to resolve this problem by following the simple steps mentioned above.

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