June 4, 2023
Hard Drive

A Quick Guide About How To Install A Second Hard Drive To Your Computer

Are you running out of storage on your computer? You can easily set up a second hard drive to your computer. It’s a good idea to have a second hard drive on your computer, as it provides greater storage capacity. The process of installing this hard drive differs from computer to computer, so be sure to follow the instructions carefully. We’ll walk you through the process of installing and configuring a new hard drive in Windows 10.

Limited Space

Solid-state drives (SSDs) and classic hard disc drives (HDDs) commonly found in traditional tower PCs, which typically include two hard drives. External hard drives, network-attached storage (NAS), and the cloud are all options for expanding storage capacity. However, nothing beats the ease of having a second internal HDD.

The setup and installation process is straightforward, however, Plug & Play does not function. However, frightened to unscrew the computer’s screws. Things are conceivable to do wrong, but the gadgets built to handle it. Afterward, we’ll teach you how to install a hard drive on a laptop. Under Windows, the process is the same every time.

Set Up A Hard Drive In The Tower

A 3.5-inch SATA hard drive is readily available since PC casings have become standardized. Both 3.5-inch and compact 2.5-inch hard drives use the same Serial Advanced Technology Attachment (SATA) connectors. Hard disc mounting hardware is frequently included in the casing. Otherwise, a few screws supplied.

If all else fails, you can take two of the four screws from another HDD or DVD drive and use them to attach the new HDD to the motherboard in an emergency. In the long run, however, this can lead to vibrations and addressed immediately.

Remove the cover from the housing by unscrewing it. Identifying the proper connection on the mainboard is the first step. You can see the SATA connection, or more specifically SATA III, on the existing hard drive’s wiring (also called 6G).

Most modern computers have at least four SATA ports if you look hard enough. Some of the connectors should be SATA-II (3G) only. SATA III is much quicker than SATA II. Why? SATA III is used to connect the HDD or SSD to your computer’s system hard disc. Labels for the motherboard seen on the board itself.

SATA III is preferable for pure data hard drives, however, SATA II is OK too. Connect the SATA cable right now.

After that, it’s time to install the hard disc in the drive bay. According to the maker of the housing, several methods employed. Sometimes, with superior housings, you’ll discover mountings that don’t necessitate the use of tools or screws. There are instances when it is necessary to put hard drives onto tiny metal sleds, which then fit into the 3.5-inch frame HDDs are screwed into it by default.

Allowing space between the old and new hard discs will help prevent heat from building up. Another reason to use the plate is to allow for future upgrades (graphics card, etc.). Make sure the screws on HDDs, at the very least, are correctly tightened to prevent vibrations from loosening them later.

If a sluggish computer is vital to you, you may, of course, add little rubber washers between the HDD, the screw, and the casing to guarantee more peace of mind. The housings themselves rarely have this kind of decoupling.

Connect The Notebook’s Hard Drive

There are two types of notebooks to choose from: If you’re (very) fortunate, your computer will come equipped with a slot for an external hard drive, but this isn’t always the case. As an alternative to a traditional DVD drive, you may be able to get an external 2.5-inch hard drive caddy in the shape of the DVD drive. All devices with a slot for an optical drive may use these brackets, which cost roughly 10 euros and are compatible with all of them.

For starters, you need to remove two screws that are located right next to each other, as well as a third screw located at the end of a bay in the optical drive enclosure. If you gently shake and pull, you may be able to get the drive to come out.

A tiny pair of pliers used if that doesn’t work; there are numerous places to begin.

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